Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation

The dynamic and exciting month-long Integrative Medicine Elective Rotation (IMER) provides fourth-year medical students and residents an in-depth exposure to integrative medicine.

IMER has been offered since 1997 and many of the students and residents who have participated in the elective have gone on to pursue formal education in integrative medicine. As patients increasingly utilize complementary and alternative approaches to conventional medicine, it is more essential than ever that physicians understand the strengths and weaknesses of all forms of medicine with the goal of providing the best health care possible.

Upcoming Rotation Dates

For MED 896I (IMER),

Spring 2024: 02/26 – 03/22/2024 (in-person)
Fall 2024: 08/26/24 – 09/20/24 (virtual)
Spring 2025: 3/31- 4/25/2025 (in-person)

Introductory sessions and workshops will be presented by community practitioners and preceptors focusing on different modalities of integrative medicine:

  • botanicals
  • homeopathy
  • mind-body
  • nutrition
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • osteopathy
  • energy medicine

The rotation also includes presentations by Center faculty and guest speakers on a variety of topics, such as:

  • an introduction to integrative medicine (IM),
  • IM research,
  • the difference between IM and complementary and alternative medicine, and
  • IM approaches to various health conditions.

Additionally, an important aspect of the rotation is a focus on personal growth and reflection as well as community building within each cohort.

How to Apply

Fourth-Year Medical Students

In Licensed LCME Programs

Fourth year MD and DO students in licensed programs should apply through VSAS. The VSAS application will open April 1. When in VSAS, please use these search parameters:

  • Catalog Year: 2023 - 2024
  • Keywords: Integrative Medicine
  • Institution: Univ of Arizona COM-Tucson
  • NOTE: course is listed as MED 896I - Independent Study

International Medical Students

Fourth year students in international programs who are not eligible for scheduling in VSAS, please email us.


Please email to let us know of your interest and we will temporarily hold a spot for you. You must officially apply through the Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office by visiting GME visiting students site. Please read the instructions for MD or DO residents depending on your designation. The instructions direct you to email the application to the GME Office. Please also email your application to so that AWCIM has it on file.

After reading the instructions, residents need to complete the visiting resident application.

UA Students

University of Arizona Students should apply through the OASIS lottery system.


  • Can I rotate with you during other weeks of the year?

    At this time, the IMER is only offered twice a year. We do not offer it during times other than the selected 4 week blocks listed above.

  • What if I cannot attend for the entire 4-week block?

    The rotation is designed with the intention of being present for the full month and to share the entire experience with your cohort. Currently, we are not accepting applicants who cannot be present for the entire month.

  • Do you provide housing during the month?

    Once accepted, participants will be sent a housing list that they may use to secure housing on their own. Housing may also be found through popular housing/accommodation websites. Housing expenses are to be covered by the student or resident.

  • Do you accept PAs, NPs, or other health professionals for the rotation?

    At this time, the rotation is funded by a grant that is specifically designated for medical students and residents.

  • How much does the rotation cost?

    Fourth-year medical students: The College of Medicine charges a processing fee ($125) for VSAS for fourth-year medical students.

    Residents: Visiting residents must pay the fee ($50) for a training permit through either the Arizona Medical Board or the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners. The GME Office will let you know about it through New Innovations.

    While AWCIM does not charge for IMER, your total expenses for the month may range from $1200 to $3000+ depending upon where you choose to live; your meals; a car rental; additional/optional workshops, appointments, and activities; and of course, your lifestyle.