Coming Soon: Our New Home

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona is excited to announce the construction of our new campus, which will serve as a physical home for the world's leader in integrative medical education. The three buildings will serve as a healthy workplace research beacon and represent the mind, body, and spirit in their design and function. These buildings are being built as health-promoting workspaces.

See the live camera of the building construction site.

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The mind building will serve as the center's administrative functions, research, and one of the healthiest places to work. The “living lab" will perform collaborative research in integrative medicine and the place of well-being in the workplace.


Education and wellness activities for health care professionals and the public will take place in the "body" building -- including the demonstration kitchen, movement studio, and labyrinth gardens.


The "spirit" building will provide a tranquil environment for meditation and mindfulness.

Construction Tour Videos

The Three Buildings

The wellness-promoting building features include nontoxic building materials and sound-absorbing surfaces to windows that allow abundant natural light. The building will be designed sustainably, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and materials to reduce its environmental footprint. Designed with attention given to exercise and movement, social relationships, spirituality, healthy nutrition, sleep quality, stress reduction, and resilience.