Educational Research

AWCIM research has recently focused on analyzing web-based integrative medicine curriculum - its effectiveness and feasibility - providing educators and practitioners with the tools they need to effectively deliver integrative medicine.

Current Projects

Effect of a Web-Based Educational Intervention on Botanical Medicine on the Knowledge base and Practice Patterns of Family Medicine Residents

NASA: National Assessment of Stress Adaptation
Develops and validates a "Worksite Stress Assessment" instrument for NASA through the AWCIM Corporate Health Improvement Program (CHIP), designed to address and resolve the organizational and individual negative stress-inducing issues at NASA.

Integrative Medicine Residency (IMR) Needs Assessment & Curriculum Evaluation
Assesses the feasibility of implementing a web-based integrative medicine curriculum into the standard 3-year family medicine residency program.

Integrative Oncology Needs Assessment
Investigates the feasibility of incorporating web-based integrative oncology curriculum into an oncology fellowship.

Pilot and Feasibility Study of Patient Reported Outcomes of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Integrative Medicine
This study will be the first of its kind to implement multi-center internet-based outcomes research of ongoing CAM therapies in academic settings.

Overcoming Obstacles to Writing for Family Medicine Educators
This study will help identify and understand writing challenges facing family medicine educators.

Pilot Study of Alternative Treatments of Unexplained Chronic Fatigue
Identifies and provides general practitioners with evidence-based recommendations for therapeutic interventions for unexplained chronic fatigue.