Fellowship Curriculum

The Fellowship curriculum is divided into 13 Units, typically 6-10 weeks long, created by nationally recognized experts and faculty from various disciplines, modalities, and philosophies.

You will learn:

  • Nutritional health: The latest nutritional approaches and dietary recommendations for general health, for disease prevention and disease management.
  • Botanicals and dietary supplements: Evidence-based clinical indications, identification of quality parameters, and supplement-drug interactions.
  • Mind-body medicine: Impact of emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors on health and how to incorporate meditation and other mind-body techniques into clinical practice.
  • Traditional Whole Systems of Healing: Uses, benefits, and recommendations for Traditional Asian Medicine, Ayurveda, manual medicine, and functional medicine.
  • Integrative approaches: Evidence-based and clinically pragmatic strategies for hundreds of health conditions across all major clinical specialties.
  • Cutting-edge topics: Cutting-edge topics such as psychedelic-assisted care, perioperative care, energy medicine, and more!

Click here to download a sample curriculum.

Clinical Mentorship within the Fellowship, there is a clinical mentorship program to provide guided clinical application of the Fellowship curriculum. The program is designed as a group mentoring program, and each group is organized by specialty. The clinical mentorship program facilitates each fellow?s professional growth as a clinician and helps them integrate the lessons and concepts of the curriculum. Group mentoring encompasses oral case presentations, information sharing, expert-driven inside and guidance, inspiration, and collaborative learning.


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Andrew Weil Center integrative medicine Fellows, drawn from the U.S. and over 26 countries, apply integrative principles across 35+ medical specialties in hospitals, clinics, and private practices across the world.

Fall 2024-2026, Starts August 5, 2024

Spring 2025-2027, Starts February 3, 2025

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