Our multimedia curriculum consists of:
  • Web-based modules with case studies
  • Online dialogues with faculty and colleagues
  • Virtual clinical mentoring groups
  • Podcasts and streaming video
  • Peer-reviewed and up-to-date content
  • Experiential exercises

The Fellowship curriculum is divided into 13 Units, typically 6-10 weeks long, created by nationally recognized experts and faculty from a variety of disciplines, modalities and philosophies. Click here to download a sample curriculum.

You will learn:

Nutritional health
The latest nutritional approaches and dietary recommendations for general health, as well as specific diseases and disease conditions.
Botanicals and dietary supplements
Evidence-based clinical indications, indentification of quality products, and supplement-drug interactions.
Mind-body medicine
Impact of emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors on health and how to incorporate meditation and other mind-body techniques into clinical practice.
Traditional Whole Systems of Healing
Uses, benefits and recommendations for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, manual medicine and homeopathy.
Integrative approaches
Evidence-based and clinically pragmatic strategies for hundreds of health conditions across all major clinical specialties.